Mold Remediation Company In Austin Wants You To Know How Mold Affects Your Baby

Your baby might get sick from time to time. This is more or less common as children are more prone to get sick as their immune system is not that strong. If your baby suffers from a cough and runny nose, you would know that your baby is suffering from flu. 

However, certain conditions are not that common to identify as proposed by many of the mold remediation company in Austin.
If your house is contaminated with potential mold, then chances are that you have got fungal spores in the atmosphere. You might not get influenced by it as your body is more resistant to the external
Mold Remediation Company in Austin
intruders in your body. 

However, the case is not the same for your baby as identified by many of the mold remediation company Austin. Your baby’s immune system is still in the developing phase and hence they are more susceptible.

If the air in your house is contaminated your baby will inhale the spores and may develop a pulmonary infection.  When the baby inhales the fungal spores it enters into its blood stream. The fungal spores then multiply and release mycotoxin which is particular for molds only. When the toxin enters the lungs it might develop lung hemorrhage which might lead to internal bleeding in the lungs at extreme conditions. This condition worsens if the baby is also exposed to smoking.

Most Prevailing Symptoms
Aspergillus and Penicillium are the two most common fungi that your baby may get influenced by. The most common symptoms that your baby might suffer are a runny nose, allergic reactions, rash, irritation, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, and other respiratory disorders.

The Long-Term Effects
If your house is continuously influenced by mold, your house will be heavily contaminated with the spores. You need to take a really good care of your house to prevent the potential risk of mold growing at your home. They grow in your house unannounced hence you need to take care of the cleanliness of the house especially if you have children. You may want to refer to mold remediation company Austin for eliminating the potential risk of spores in your house.

If your baby gets a lot of exposure to fungal spores than a possibility is that they might suffer from different cognitive disorders. Studies have concluded that it also affects the memory of the baby. If your baby is allergic to any substance, this will make them more susceptible to the mold and develop the symptoms more rapidly. These symptoms might be even more severe depending on the following three things:

  1. ·         Extent of contamination
  2. ·         Extent of exposure
  3. ·         Sensitivity of the baby

Risk at The Neonatal Stage

There has not been any proof if molds result in miscarriages or abortion. No reports suggest any birth defect either. Hence, if you have been told so then you do not need to worry about it as it is not true at all. Plus, it would be totally unethical to directly expose a pregnant woman to mold and check for the results. However, further research is needed in order to identify and differentiate between the common symptoms with that of the mold. 


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